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About company

RobinHood Global Investment Platform is designed by experts of ROBINHOOD INTERNATIONAL LTD registered and located in London (United Kingdom). The company has been professionally dealing with cryptocurrency trading for several years and invests its capital in promising altcoins.
Why altcoins, and not popular cryptocurrencies?
The rate of popular cryptocurrencies is persistently high and has low volatility. To earn investing in the well-known decentralized digital assets is quite risky.
Conversely, young alternative cryptocurrencies have a higher rate volatility, which with proper analysis and risk diversification enables to receive good profit in a short time.


Referral program

We strive to create an effective global referral network to enable everyone to earn in the Internet, without having to invest.

With our affiliate program you can earn a percentage of the weekly accruals from all members of your referral network

1 level20%
2 level3%
3 level2%
4 level1%

Investment system management

In this section you will learn about the main features of RobinHood Global

You can start work with the platform after creating an account at the website

  1. Create an account and log in to My Account
  2. All participants can invest with RobinHood Global and earn a weekly gain of 17.5% of the deposit for 9 weeks. Total profit is 157.5%.
  3. Deposits bring a stable income thanks to the tremendous experience and competent management of trading at the cryptocurrency exchanges.
  4. The earnings are distributed between the parties according to the interest rate and the size of the deposit.
  5. Within 7 days you will get the first profit that can be withdrawn or reinvested through personal account at RobinHood Global.

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