Earn 17,5% of your
deposit amount every week

Your money will work for you
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Open a deposit is all you need to earn passive income in our system. We guarantee 17,5% weekly earnings of a non-returnable deposit for 9 weeks. Return on investment 157,5%. Earnings are accrued every 7 days after an investment is made. Cash-outs are made automatically, upon filing a request.

Robinhood’s effective referral program

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A modern investment system
operating based on the highly secure
Telegram platform

To be able to use the system, you need to create a user profile in by following several steps.

  1. Connect to @RobinHoodLTD_bot.
  2. Robinhood accepts investments from members on the following conditions: weekly accruals at a rate of 17,5% of a non-returnable deposit for 9 weeks. Return on investment 157,5%.
  3. Your deposits will earn stable income thanks to a sophisticated distribution of the budget between promising investment vehicles.
  4. All earnings are distributed between members according to their interest rates and deposit amounts.
  5. After your first profit is accrued, you can cash it out or re-invest by using the @RobinHoodLTD_bot.

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Account protection

Personal data security

We use the Telegram platform, which currently has one of the best data protection mechanisms. No vulnerabilities have been detected
in the system.

The first person to find one will receive $1,000,000 from the developers.

Telegram has a great number of protection options which guarantee the security of any information in the system.

Time is of the essence
in the investment market

Fast execution

Automatic accruals and instant cash-outs

System automatically accrues income to each member, according to their deposit amount. To be able to use those funds, you only need to file a cash-out request, specifying your payment system and the amount. The request will be processed automatically.

Total investments

Payouts guaranteed by our insurance fund

Income earned by the system exceeds the amount of payouts to our members. Every day, a certain surplus is set aside to a special insurance fund. The money in the fund is an assurance for the members that, in case of any contingency, all investors will receive their payouts. Also, a certain part of the income is spent on the development and improvement of the system.

Total investors

Our goals

The main rule of the system is that its use should be simple and straightforward for anyone wishing to earn using our investment or referral programs.

We are already realizing the dreams of many people. You can become the next one to have his goals and desires achieved with the help of the Robinhood team.